While players might initially have lots of online blackjack questions, there are a few questions that are asked more than others. With that being said, here is a section on the most frequently asked questions in online blackjack.

1. Can I beat Online Blackjack?

With the exception of some live dealer online casinos, you can’t count cards in internet blackjack. This being said, many people commonly wonder if online blackjack is still a beatable game. The answer is that, by using perfect standard strategy, the house will still have around a 0.5% edge. However, it is possible to beat online casino blackjack at some sites, provided you take advantage of all their bonuses and other rewards.

2. Do Bad Players affect Blackjack Strategy?

People who play in multi-player online casinos often wonder if bad players can affect their blackjack strategy – i.e. somebody who hits on 15 when the dealer’s upcard is 5. The answer is that sometimes a bad player will take a card that could let the dealer off of the hook, but they will also take cards that could’ve helped the dealer too. In any case, bad players don’t truly affect the long-term house edge; they just add variance to the game.

3. How can I earn Online Blackjack Bonuses?

This question is easily answered by looking at the terms and conditions of bonus offers at the online casinos where you play. Whenever a bonus is offered, there are bound to be terms and conditions for earning the bonus. Read them so you understand exactly how to earn the bonuses.

4. What’s the Best Seat at a Blackjack Table?

Some people hear that the best seat to sit in during a blackjack game is at third base, or the seat to the right of the dealer. However, this is only true for card counters who want to see as many cards as possible before betting big. In reality, there is no statistical advantage from one seat to the next.