Some people think that blackjack strategy always revolves around the cards you play. However, this isn’t entirely true since there is more to the equation than just making good blackjack plays.

One of the best strategies for winning blackjack involves finding the best table. Sure this isn’t the easiest thing to do, but with a little practice, you can find a good blackjack table, and win more money as a result.

In online blackjack, finding the best table requires looking at each player’s bankroll in relation to the limits. If you see several players with enormous bankrolls in relation to the stakes, you have found a good table to play at. Assuming you notice that everybody’s bankroll is drained, it would be best to find a luckier, more friendly table.

Spotting the best blackjack table in live play involves looking around the casino to see how tables are acting as a whole. For example, if everybody looks depressed and chip-less at a certain table, it’s likely that they are getting hammered by the dealer’s hands. Along with this notion, there may also be a really bad player who is affecting the outcome of the game by making foolish decisions.

On the opposite end of the spectrum is a table full of happy, smiling players, who are exchanging friendly banter with the dealer while winning lots of chips; if you see a table like this, sit down! Not only do you stand a better chance of meeting Lady Luck on this table, but you’ll also have a good time.