Blackjack can be an intimidating game to beginners, and it only gets more intimidating if you don’t understand basic blackjack terminology. After all, blackjack is just like any other casino game in that you fit in better if you can actual speak the lingo.

Your first step in understanding blackjack terminology is knowing what the name of the game actually implies. If somebody says they got a “blackjack,” it simply means that their first two cards totaled 21. In this instance, the player with a blackjack would receive a payout worth 1.5 times their original wager.

Another major blackjack term you should know is “bust.” If you bust in a hand, it means that you went over the score of 21 and lost your bet. Busting is the worst possible scenario in blackjack because you don’t even get a chance to see if your hand would’ve beat the dealer’s hand.

Two more important blackjack terms are “hit” and “stand.” When you hit, this means you want the dealer to give you another card; when you stand, this means you are happy with your current total and don’t want any more cards.

The final term that we’ll discuss in blackjack terminology is “card counting.” Card counting is the act of tracking how many high and low cards have been dealt so one can increase bets and gain an advantage later on. Seeing as how lots of players have made millions using this blackjack strategy, Hollywood likes to portray card counters in some of their films.

And while understanding these blackjack terms won’t transform you into a card counting genius, it will help you get a better grasp on the game.